Sun, 18th September. 2016

How does one follow a wonderful day spent celebrating the wedding of a dear friend? Why, a trip to Avebury to see the largest stone circle in Europe seemed as good as an answer as any. Twas a gorgous afternoon electric with the change of season and kissed with the early Autumn sun.

The Stones resonate with a hum that's low and deep.
The trees whisper soft and sweetly.
All you have to do is listen.

Magick indeed!

Duddo Standing Stones

Sat, 19th September. 2015

I took a drive out up Northwards today to visit the beautiful Bronze Age Standing Stones of Duddo.

The Stones stand proud in the round, their stories written in their beautifully pocked, deeply creased weather-beaten faces.

Stood between the slopes of Mattilees Hill to their east and a slight rise to their west looking off towards the Scottish border the views here are always spectacular.

A bewitching stillness fills the circle and shrouds the mount, a feeling of paused conversation clings to the stones. Indeed local tales tell of the Stones being heard to sing with the wind as it blows and plays over their heavily lined faces.

A Winter's Walk

Wed, 16th September. 2015

I've mean meaning to post these photos for quite some time now, so at long last here they are.

Taken one magick winter's morn at the start of this year on a walk to some of my favourite standing stones The Three Kings. Even in the depths of Winter, the stones seem to pulse with a warmth.

Time stands still here. There is a old Birch tree in the clearing she stands crooked watching over these stones, and try as I might I can never capture her beauty.
Some things are best left to experience and our mind's eye.